Directions for Slieve Binnian
  • This adventure requires you to make your way from Kribben Cottages to the Carricklittle Lane. There are numerous car parks available here if you don’t want to walk the road – car parks charge £3 for the day.  
  • At the top of the lane and through the gate, you’ll walk approximately one quarter of a mile before you see a distinct path on your left, just off the Mourne wall, directing you uphill.
  • Once you’re on the path, allow the Mourne wall act as your guide and continue to follow it to the top of the mountain. The path does not run directly beside the wall, but you will always be able to see the wall running parallel with you as you follow the trail on your climb towards the summit.
  • There are a number of ways to get onto the actual summit, but near the top, you will come to a stile and you will very clearly see that your climb is coming to an end. When you reach the stile, we recommend slightly veering right, off the wall and making your way between the gap (or V shape) in the large rock formations in front of you. Here you will have a beautiful view of the Silent Valley Reservoir before continuing to walk up around the corner, where you will reach the very summit.
*Notes: Take a picnic and enjoy a well-deserved break at the top. While most fit and healthy individuals are more than capable of ascending Binnian, it is a tough climb and may take up to 1 hour to reach the summit from Annalong Wood.  On wet days, the descent back down can be quite slippery, a good grippy pair of shoes or hiking boots will definitely make your adventure more enjoyable.