Directions for Seefin
  • Leaving Kribben Cottages, take a right turn and make your way to the top of the Quarter Road. Hidden in the right hand corner, you’ll find a short farm track.
  • At the end of the track you’ll discover steps on your left, leading you onto a narrow uphill path. The path runs alongside lush grassy fields, which are usually occupied by local livestock. Keep to the path and you’ll come to a wooden stile.
  • Carefully cross the stile and take an immediate left, following a well-trodden trail, which will lead you up a short, steep hill just below the summit.
  • At the top of the hill, you will arrive at another stile, however this time, don’t be tempted to cross this one. Instead, carefully step over the wire fence to the right hand side of the stile and walk a few steps around the corner where you will see a natural path through the stones (up to the left) leading you up onto the summit of Seefin.
***If you’re feeling adventurous you can follow the Mourne wall, which travels along the connecting mountain named ‘Long Seefin’ all the way to Rocky. (*See our walking guidelines on the ‘Rocky Route’ below)
  • When you finally pull yourself away from the summit and the scenic views, you have two choices for your route home. If you choose our ‘out and back’ route, you’ll simply go home the way you came. If you prefer a circular route you can continue walking along ‘Long Seefin’ until you get to a lopsided stile.
  • Walk to the stile, cross it and follow the wall on your left, which will take you downhill towards the forestry and Hamilton’s Lane. Continue following this wall downhill until you reach one last stile and a narrow sheep pen.
  • Cross the stile and take a left. You’ll come across a heavy iron gate. Pass through the gate and you are now officially on Hamilton’s Lane and a short jaunt from home. Please make sure you close the gate behind you and walk down Hamilton’s Lane, which will lead you to the Head Road and back to the start of your walk and your cosy Kribben cottage!