Directions for Rocky Mountain 
  • From the summit of Seefin, (*see directions for Seefin) follow the Mourne wall along Long Seefin until you arrive at a lopsided wooden stile. Carefully cross the stile to the other side of the wall and continue in the same direction.
  • As you make your way along the wall you will see another stile in the distance. When you reach this stile you will see Rocky rising up on your left. Don’t climb the stile but instead use it as a marker and when you reach it, start veering left (off the wall) to start your ascent up Rocky.
  • There is no distinct path up to the summit of Rocky, however you may find traces of narrow trails left by local walkers. The only way is up and you’ll know you’re at the summit, when you reach the cairn (a small tower of stones) at the top of the mountain.
  • When you’ve soaked in the panoramic views and it’s time for home, carefully make your way down in the direction in which you came. If you become confused, stop and take a moment to locate the wall you followed from Seefin. The wall acts like a handrail and will guide you home.
*Notes: Rocky is a small mountain and should take no more than 30-40 minutes to climb from the final stile to the summit. Be careful of holes on the way up and take extra care on your route back. During wet weather, the mountain can become quite saturated and you can expect to get your feet wet. Make sure you have a nice pair of dry shoes and socks waiting at Kribben Cottages on your return!