Exciting experience brand – “Embrace A Giant Spirit”

Tourism NI has launched a new and exciting experience brand to promote Northern Ireland on the Island of Ireland and Internationally.
Their mission is clear – to transform how the world sees us, how visitors will feel when they’re here and the rich experiences and the memories they’ll take home. After testing a number of different brand ideas with thousands of potential visitors, ‘Northern Ireland – Embrace A Giant Spirit’ stood out as a firm favourite, reflecting our history, culture and of course our people.

Myrtle Haugh, Owner of Kribben Cottages explained, “This is a new initiative, a new experience brand and a new approach to promoting tourism in Northern Ireland. Kribben Cottages can’t wait to be part of this new and exciting 10-year journey by helping our visitors discover their own giant spirit during their stay and making sure they awaken it!”

The world knows us as big-hearted hosts and that goes beyond tourism. We want to help our visitors get to the heart of Mourne, meet the locals get a flavour of local life and get involved. Whether you’re an explorer or a wanderer, we can help you get off the typical tourist trails and find something real, something unique, unusual and quirky. The Kingdom of Mourne offers a wide range of experiences to stimulate your senses and allow you to get hands on and immerse yourself.

The Embrace a Giant Spirit – Opportunity & Invitation

Tourism chiefs hope it will transform how prospective visitors see Northern Ireland and boost its demand as a “must-visit” holiday destination. The new brand will be promoted to the travel trade and to consumers in the rest of the UK. Tourism Northern Ireland Chief Executive John McGrillen said: “Tourism is a fiercely competitive, global industry and it is crucial that Northern Ireland has prominence both on the island of Ireland, and internationally. Northern Ireland – Embrace a Giant Spirit is an opportunity and an invitation to create economic uplift for everyone involved in tourism, in all parts of Northern Ireland. It will build on the strengths and successes of the last decade to give authentic experiences provided by businesses large and small that will leave our visitors with unforgettable memories.”
It’s true what they say, “some places you visit and others you experience, feel and cherish,” and we truly believe the Kingdom of Mourne will capture a piece of your heart and you’ll never get it back. So what are you waiting for, book your visit to Kribben Cottages and start your journey of discovery, where you can awaken you very own giant spirit.
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Visitors can find out more about the tourism initiative by visiting the website below;
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