Directions for Blue Lough
  • Leave Kribben Cottages and turn right onto the Quarter Road. At the top, follow it round to the left and walk along the Head Road for one mile until you reach the Carricklittle Car Park at the bottom of Carricklittle Lane (also known as the Oldtown Road). There are numerous car parks available here if you don’t want to walk the road – car parks charge £3 for the day.
  • Make your way up the Carricklittle lane (0.5 miles) until you reach a black gate and the entry to the picturesque Annalong Valley.
  • Through the gate, you’ll follow the wide path as far as the eye can see, through the line of trees, known as the Annalong Wood until you reach a river crossing.
  • Once safely cross the river, the path begins to fork in two, continue on the path to the left until you reach the Blue Lough which will be located on your right hand side.
*Notes: The ground can be quite rough in places, and while the walk is very straight forward, we do recommend a good pair of sturdy walking shoes. On a hot day people have been known to take a dip in the water, but it is extremely cold and very deep in places so you must be very careful if you make the decision to enter the water. Never ever go in alone and always stay within your depth.