Route Directions:

1. The out and back route is very straightforward and easy to follow and starts with making your way to the main car park in the Silent Valley.

2. Once you’re parked up and ready to roll, venture out past the duck pond and up the gradual tarmac hill towards the overflow and the breast of the dam. You’ll pass a small café on your right, if you’re not equipped with a fluids and snacks, we recommend you pop in and purchase some treats to enjoy when you reach your destination.

3. When you reach the overflow you will see a large wooden gate in front of you. This gate is usually closed but may be open depending on the season. Pass through the gate and continue along the winding tarmac road until you reach the Ben Crom Reservoir.

4. The road is usually traffic free and allows people of all ages to cycle to and from the top dam. (*Note: Please respect other pedestrians if you or a member of your family decides to use a bicycle)

5. When you reach the top and marvel at the impressive man made structure, we hope you’re lucky enough to see the water overflowing down the concrete chutes. If you’re feeling energetic, we highly recommend you walk the steps to the top and admire the views across the valley and surrounding countryside.