Route Directions:

1. Leaving Kribben Cottages, take a left and walk down the Quarter Road. When you reach the bottom, cross over on to the pedestrian footpath and turn right, walking towards Annalong.

2. When you start to walk towards the village, you’ll spot a sign for Springwell Lane about 50m ahead of you on the left. Follow the lane all the way down to the shore. Turning right at the bottom of Springwell Lane will direct you to the harbour.

3. Follow the path around the harbour, passing Annalong Corn Mill and take the bridge towards the Harbour Inn Restaurant and Bar.

4. Stay to the left and continue walking around the Harbour Bar. You will follow the Shore Road, passing some beachfront cottages along the way through.

5. Keep following the path along the shorefront, until you come to the end. Walk up Wreck Road, which will take you to the main street in the village. From here you have two options,

a) You can continue on the main road, venturing the whole way back to the Quarter Road where the cottages are based. (*Please note, the footpath can become narrow in places and the road is quite busy in the afternoon)

b) Or you can follow the main road until you reach the Annalong Community Centre on your right, which will lead you back to the harbour where you can retrace your steps along the coastal path, Springwell Lane and onto the Quarter Road.